Albatros Residence

2 BEDROOMS APARTMENTS - AVAILABLE SERVICES - Airport Shuttle .. Tours & Hotel 5* Activities Lunch & Dinner .. Car or Transport by reliable chauffeur Tel : +262(0)692 31 18 31
Fax : +262(0)262 66 20 31


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Albatros Residence

Angle Ave Albatros & Ave Victory
Tél : +262(0)692 31 18 31
Fax +262(0)262 66 20 31

GPS: Albion – Mauritius

Nakool, your holiday facilitator, welcomes you ...!

Nakool, your holiday facilitator, wishes you a warm welcome and a great stay!
Wish to rest and visit the island? A personalized service according to your availability and according to your desires.
Thanks to his experience and knowledge of Mauritius, Nakool will assist you on site. He will listen to you and will help you to:

1/ coordinate all your activities until the end of your stay ...
2/ provide you with all the necessary information for a good holiday ...
3/ ensure the smooth running of your stay at the residence ...

Feel free to leave a nice comment in our contact box below at the end of your trip - Thank you and we wish to see you back soon.


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